Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(Affiliation No. 2132191)

Gopal Saraswati Vidya MandirSadar, Raebareli


सत्य को हज़ार तरीकों से बताया जा सकता है, फिर भी हर एक सत्य ही होगा।  –  स्वामी विवेकानंद

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August 6 2021

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CBSE Main Exam Datesheet Class XII

December 24 2018


CBSE Main Exam DateSheet Class X

December 24 2018

Class-X Date sheet

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img1A playground is very important part of a school. It helps in development physical and Mental development is quite necessary for the wholesome development of a personality.
College has vast field for playing different games as Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Foot ball and Tennis. Different competitions are held time to time for aforesaid games. Different courts are made for different games. Green field of college is helpful for physical development of students. With the help of these different games students are improving their mental back ground. They are also earning their name on state and national level.